Axxa Chemicals is a company that specializes in the production, import, and distribution of chemical solvents for industrial use through a partnership with COPEC.

Its refining plant where products such as Mineral Turpentine and Solvex Minerals are obtained; It also distributes other products according to the needs of each client.

Since 2021 there has been an agreement with EMOAC, the national leader in Comprehensive Energy Intelligence so that 100% of the electrical energy used in the production plant is renewable.


AXXA Chemicals is a company that produces isoparaffinic solvents with a standardized, innovative, flexible production; based on a differentiating and competitive concept that allows us to satisfy the needs of our clients. Our constant concern is our workers' safety and occupational health and cares for the environment, complying with current legal regulations.


AXXA seeks, in the medium term, to be a global leader in its main products through its operational excellence, commercial competitiveness, continuous improvement of its processes, commitment to the environment, and the safety and health of occupational workers.

Competitive Advantages

• Only local producer.
• Operational excellence.
• State-of-the-art infrastructure and technology.
• Financial strength.
• Partnership with the leading distributor of fuels and lubricants at the national level: COPEC.
• Diversified client portfolio.
• Lasting business relationships.

“Axxa Chemicals belongs to the Axxa Group, which combines the value of renewable energy generation, the petrochemical industry, waste recycling, and energy revaluation with real estate assets.”